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jacob and esau

How to Prepare for Gathered Worship-October 19, 2014

Jacob and Esau When looking at the story of Jacob and Esau, what we see is the story of two brothers who do not get along. Of course, there is […]

Jacob's Well

How to Prepare for Gathered Worship: October 12, 2014

Isaac and Rebekah Dating is one of the most controversial and confusing topics that people face today, and it seems as if everybody has an opinion about what the proper […]


How to Prepare for Gathered Worship- October 5, 2014

Abraham’s Sacrifice Every good teacher that I have ever had has started the class with a promise. If it was spoken or unspoken, they have all promised to teach the […]


Our Discipleship Culture

We make no qualms about who we are at Journey Church.  We are a group of messed up believers united by the familiar hope only found in Jesus Christ. We […]


How to Prepare for Gathered Worship- September 28, 2014

Sodom and Gomorrah Most stories that we are told in church as children are full of heroes that we can look up to, examples that we can follow, and cool […]


Music Monday – September 15, 2014

Augustus Toplady was an Anglican cleric and hymn writer of the late 1700′s. His most well-known hymn is “Rock of Ages” – a very frequently sung hymn even today. He […]