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Journey Church
Journey Church

The Faithfulness of God

Okay, so this doesn’t fit perfectly in line with our series in 1 Peter, but remembering the faithfulness of God will certainly help prepare your heart for worship. So, this […]


Good Friday

Today we recognize the day that Jesus Christ was sacrificed for us. Good Friday. But what is so good about today? What is so good about Jesus being crucified? In […]


Sojourners and Exiles

What does it mean to be a sojourner? Very simply it means that we don’t belong here. Peter is writing to Christians who have been dispersed over Asia Minor, and […]


The Cornerstone

If you’ve spent any time in church at all you have certainly heard Jesus referred to as the Cornerstone. As we continue our series in 1 Peter this week we […]

Ransomed by His Blood

We’ve seen it over and over again in movies, TV shows, and in books; a seemingly innocent person held captive by an evil villain. The only way the hostage will […]

Why Does God Allow Us to Suffer?

My wife and I took our 1 year old son to the park today. Amid the running, swinging, sliding, and throwing rock in the creek my son found himself on […]