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It is no secret that Journey Church is big on community. We promote community because community is promoted throughout Scripture. We see an example of this in Paul’s closing message […]


How to Prepare for Gathered Worship – November 15

How do we treat unbelievers? Many of us don’t often think about this, but Paul issues a challenge to Christians in Colossians 4 to “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders”. So […]


Submitting in a non-submissive World

We live in a world where submission is abnormal; yet we are commanded, as Christians, to be submissive. How, then, do we balance what we are taught by the world […]

like Jesus

How to Prepare for Gathered Worship – November 1, 2015

A Christ-like heart. It is inevitable that having a mind like Christ will produce in us a Christ-like heart. So, what does a Christ-like heart look like? The greatest attributes […]

Mind of Christ graphic2

How to Prepare for Gathered Worship – October 25, 2015

A Christ-like Mindset. If the term Christian means to be “Christ like” then this must include more than just our physical actions. If we are going to truly be like […]


How to Prepare for Gathered Worship – October 18, 2015

In Christ. There is a theme throughout Paul’s letter to the Colossian church. Paul, over and over, places Christ as the center of this letter. If Paul, under inspiration of […]