“Jesus said ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,

for to such does the kingdom of heaven belong.'”

What to Expect


Environments Custom-Made for Your Child

Quest Kids is a children’s ministry uniquely designed with your child in mind! Kids, birth through fifth grade, experience safe, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way. Join the fun and experience a world where kids meet Jesus on their level! They will sing songs together, work through memory verses, and recount the stories of Scripture and how they point us to Jesus.

Because your child’s safety and security is a top priority for us, we have conducted a background check on every volunteer that wishes to serve our church in this way. You can rest assured that your children will safe, protected, and shown the love of Jesus.

Location and Time

Quest Kids meets at the same time as our regular gathered worship on Sundays at 11am. We don’t require you to take your kids into Quest Kids. We believe that the parents are the primary Gospel teachers of their children and we leave it up to the parents discretion as to which will most benefit their child in hearing the Gospel.

As you walk into our building and walk down the hallway, our Quest Kids area will be to your right. You can look through the windows in the hall to see some of the classroom space. Once you come to the end of that wall, on your right you will find our check in door. There someone will explain to you the process for checking your children in and out of Quest Kids and will happily help you through the process.

Stay in the Loop

If you’d like to know more about how to get your kids involved in Quest Kids or learn how to serve, please contact Sarah Baker or fill out our contact form.


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