It is no secret that Journey Church is big on community. We promote community because community is promoted throughout Scripture. We see an example of this in Paul’s closing message to the church at Colossae. In the final verse of Colossians 4, Paul names 8 people who send greetings to the Colossian church. This shows a great sense of JourneyGroupsWebcommunity. The church at Colossae had an army of people praying for them, and some of these people were sent to physically serve the church. If this is an indicator of how we are supposed to feel about, and treat, our fellow believers then we must have a great sense of urgency for community.

Why is community so important? Community is important because we, as people, were never meant to live life on our own. We have always needed, and will always need, people who gather around, and pick us up, us when life is at its worst. Even when things are going better than ever in life, we still need people around us to keep us grounded. Don’t under estimate the value of community. We realize that it is in community that people best mature in their faith. As we are around people who challenge us, motivate us, and hold us accountable in growing in our faith we find the true worth of community.

At Journey Church we have many ways for you be involved in the community of believers. Aside from Sunday worship and mid-week Journey Groups there is a bi-weekly woman’s prayer meeting, a bi-weekly men’s meeting, and various other times for you to get plugged into the Journey community. While we are in the process of writing a new chapter at Journey, community is one of many story lines that will carry over into this new time. As you prepare your heart for worship this week ask God to show you how you can become more involved in community.


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